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What does the Backlink feature mean?

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What is the Backling feature?
All links the DFSL is composed of appear in the form:
where "yoursitenumber" is an unique number assigned to your site by Jade (the directory engine powering the DFSL) in our directory.
So what?
Well, having a link in the DFSL surely brings visitors to your website, but it does not increase your popularity, which is tantamount to the amount of websites linking to your own site.
As you surely know, Google is the most important search engine at present. Well, the Google's page rank works by following a major premise: the more websites are linking to your own site, the higher your rank in Google. Also, the "importance" of the site giving a link back to your site is relevant for Google. It is not the same thing if the link is given by as if it is given by, obviously. And the higher your rank in Google, the more people will find your site because it will be much better positioned, understood?
The Google's page ranking system does not consider a link of this kind:
to be a genuine link to your site from ours. Therefore, if your site is included in the DFSL, you are getting more visitors but no more popularity. As a result, you are not obtaining a better rank in Google.
Ah... so?
But... if your link in our DFSL would look like this:
instead of
Google will accept the link as a genuine one to your own website from ours.
OK, I understood. What do you want from me?
The same thing you want from us. Put a link to our site:
Sanskrit & Trika Shaivism -
on your website, and we will do the same for you by listing your site in the Backlink section of the DFSL. In this special section your link will appear as:, which Google will like, hehe. Of course, the URL will also be "clean" somewhere else in the DFSL apart from the Backlink section. Besides, a higher popularity will be useful with other search engines too, apart from Google.
It is a fair deal, I think. But, may any website do this?
Only those websites that are already included in the DFSL. Any other site will not be considered until it is included in the DFSL.
Hey, my site is not still included in the DFSL. What am I to do then?
If your website is Sanskrit-related somehow, or to anything belonging to the Sanskrit universe (e.g. Indian philosophies, Yoga, etc.), and has enough free content for visitors to enjoy, just send an e-mail to us containing the URL and if we like your site, we will include it, no doubt.
And if my website already has a link to your site (Sanskrit & Trika Shaivism) and also is included in the DFSL?
In that case, rest assured that we will include it in the Backlink section sooner or later. Are you in a hurry? Well, tell us then where your site is in the DFSL and take it easy, hehe.
OK, I am convinced. What am I to do?
As it was said before, if your site is already included in the DFSL, just put a link to our website
Sanskrit & Trika Shaivism -
in the "Links" section of your own site and afterward let us know via e-mail what you did. Ah, tell us the location (category/subcategory) of the link to your site in the DFSL as well, so that we can find it quickly. If all goes well, a genuine link to your site will appear soon in the DFSL's Backlink section. It is that simple.
Of course, should your site not be included in the DFSL yet or it is included and already contains a link to us, just follow the outlines we gave above. Enjoy the Backlink feature!