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04/28/2019 - More translations: Read here!

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  1. Our collaborator Natalia Ambikā finished her translation into Russian of Learning Sanskrit - First Steps (2). Congratulations on your great effort!
  2. I finished my Parabhairavayoga book!
  3. But I started a second small book about Trika Shaivism. I had to write 40 aphorisms in Sanskrit and in verse. At this moment I am about to finish the second book... and there will be no third book for now. I plan to publish both books during this year.
  4. After finishing my second book, I will be able to continue with my translation of Tantrāloka here.
  5. Enjoy!

03/24/2019 - Sanskrit Editor NUI: New software!

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  1. Our collaborator Marlon Melin launched a new version of his software: Sanskrit Editor NUI.
  2. Marlon explains what brand-new Sanskrit Editor NUI is: "Sanskrit Editor NUI - defaults to Microsoft Nirmala UI font for Devanāgarī script (available on Windows 8.1 and up) . Use this version if you are unable to install fonts on your computer due to Administrator restrictions. This will fix the issue of the script showing as little boxes instead of characters. For best results always use the original version with recommended fonts if possible (unless you have a preference for Nirmala UI!)".
  3. So, Sanskrit Editor NUI changes the default Devanāgarī Sanskrit font from 'Sanskrit 2003' to 'Nirmala UI'. This is very important for people who cannot install fonts (in this case 'Sanskrit 2003') due to restrictions by Administrator. This situation is very likely to happen when one is in his job. The new Sanskrit Editor NUI comes to help people out of that issue. Good work, Marlon!
  4. I am almost finishing my Parabhairavayoga book. Just adding charts and stuff like this. It will be published during this year, I hope.
  5. Enjoy!

03/07/2019 - Brand-new translations: Read here!

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  1. Natalia Ambikā, our collaborator, translated into Russian Learning Sanskrit - First Steps (1) [our oldest page on the website]. Awesome!
  2. Additionally, she also translated into Russian both the Traditional arrangement of the Sanskrit alphabet and A better variant arrangement of the Sanskrit alphabet. Congratulations!
  3. My work on the Parabhairavayoga book is taking me longer than planned. Though the main content of the book is already written, now I am adding more stuff (I have a tendency to make the things huge, you know). Besides, the size of the glossary will be enormous (till now around 400 entries). It will be the basic book for students of Parabhairavayoga. As always, in practice the things are not so simple as in theory. Anyway, I plan to finish the whole thing this month.
  4. Enjoy!

02/11/2019 - Tantrāloka: Chapter 4 (part 1/2)

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  1. Now it is published the first portion (stanzas 1 to 150) of the fourth chapter in Tantrāloka!
  2. The fourth chapter in Tantrāloka deals with Śāktopāya (the means pertaining to Śakti). In this first part, Abhinavagupta explains the purification of the vikalpa-s (putting it simple, 'thoughts'), the essence of superior logic, the real nature of the Guru, uselessness of the limbs of Yoga (of Patañjali's Yoga), disregard for the artificial worship, etc., and he starts to explain the emergence of the wheels of Consciousness (a topic he will complete in the second part).
  3. So far, I have translated 826 out of 5847 stanzas (around 14% of the whole scripture).
  4. It has been a very hard translation due to the complexities of the subjects being dealt with (and Abhinavagupta's Sanskrit is never a stroll in the park). I needed practically all the time the help of the Jayaratha's commentary in Sanskrit too (not so hard as that of Abhinavagupta, but anyway it is not simple because the topics are not simple at all). Very deep teachings then.
  5. The whole fourth chapter contains 279 stanzas. Therefore, the remaining 129 stanzas will be published in the near future.
  6. Now I need two weeks or so to complete my book about Parabhairavayoga. Indexes, glossary, etc. will be written later (oh yes, it is a very hard work really). This book will be a kind of main book on Parabhairavayoga. In short, it will be the corner-stone of all the teachings on which my Yoga is based. I plan to publish it during this year! After this short but hard work, I will continue with Tantrāloka.
  7. I never stop and even when I look like resting only, I am not just resting but creating something new in my intellect!
  8. Ah! Something much bigger is also slowly but firmly approaching! I will leave you with the mystery!
  9. Enjoy!

01/31/2019 - New translations: Read attentively!

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  1. Dávid Durvāsās, our collaborator, finished translating the first portion (stanzas 1 to 150) of the third chapter in Tantrāloka into Hungarian. Very good job!
  2. Natalia Ambikā, another collaborator, finished translating into Russian the last portion of section 3 in Śivasūtravimarśinī. With this update, Natalia has completely finished the entire Śivasūtravimarśinī. Congratulations on this immense effort!
  3. Both collaborators continue to work on more stuff, of course.
  4. On my part, I continue to work (half-way by now) on the fourth chapter of Tantrāloka. There will be an update soon!
  5. Enjoy!

01/23/2019 - Tantrāloka: Chapter 3 (part 2/2)

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  1. The second part of the third chapter in Tantrāloka is finished. And with this update, I can affirm that the whole third chapter is now completely translated.
  2. In this second part, Abhinavagupta finishes his explanation of Mātṛkācakra (The group of letters), and after that he makes an exposition about Pratyāhāra (the combination of the first letter and the last letter of the Sanskrit alphabet).
  3. Śāmbhavopāya, the means of Śambhu, is called by Abhinavagupta: 'Dissolution of the mind'. It is characterized by the absence of thoughts and the constant rising (the State of Śiva is constantly active).
  4. Now I continue working on chapter 4 —dealing with Śāktopāya— of this beautiful scripture!
  5. Enjoy!

01/06/2019 - Tantrāloka: Chapter 3 (part 1/2)

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  1. Now the first 150 stanzas of the chapter 3 in Tantrāloka about Śāmbhavopāya are totally translated!
  2. By means of these aphorisms, Abhinavagupta explains completely the Bimbapratimbimbavāda (The theory of the object and its reflection). Next, he starts to explain Mātṛkācakra (The group of letters), a topic that he will finish in the remaining stanzas of the third chapter.
  3. Our collaborator Dávid Durvāsās finished his translation from English into Hungarian of the second chapter in Tantrāloka. Congratulations again!!!
  4. Enjoy!

12/18/2018 - Tantrāloka: Chapter 2

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  1. The second chapter in Tantrāloka is finished. I will add notes of explanation in the future.
  2. This second chapter deals with Anupāya (lit. devoid of means). This is the Highest State in Trika Shaivism. Two kinds of people reach that condition: (1) It is the Final State that a Yogī attains, generally, after endless years of massive efforts. (2) Very few 'specially blessed' people can enter this stage from the start due to a very intense Grace bestowal from Śiva.
  3. In Anupāya there is nothing to do (no meditation, no worship, no study of scriptures, etc.). It is simply the uninterrupted State of the Supreme Śiva, which, once It is attained, permits the Yogī to continue with his life as usual. If he is eating, he keeps eating, if he is speaking, he keeps speaking, etc. There is no sādhanā in this, as it were, 'path'.
  4. Our collaborator Dávid Durvāsās finished translating into Hungarian the second page and the third page of the first chapter in Tantrāloka. Congratulations!
  5. Now I continue working on chapter 3 —dealing with Śāmbhavopāya— of this very important scripture!
  6. Enjoy!

12/10/2018 - Tantrāloka: Improvement in the index page

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  1. I polished the index page of Tantrāloka so that it can now be much more useful.
  2. I added three features: (a) I replaced the previous titles of every chapter with the original titles given by Abhinavagupta in Sanskrit at the end of the first chapter; (b) I added the respective translations of the titles of the chapters, obviously; (c) I added a short description —given by Abhinavagupta at the end of the first chapter— of every chapter for the visitors to have a good idea about the contents which are included there.
  3. Now I go on working on chapter 2 of this very important scripture!
  4. Enjoy!

12/08/2018 - Tantrāloka: Chapter 1 (part 3/3)

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  1. Good news! With the publication of the translation of the stanzas 301 to 332 in Tantrāloka, the entire chapter 1 is completely translated!
  2. According to what Abhinavagupta wrote at the end of the first chapter, this book is only for 'super' Guru-s. Look:
    'Guru-s are authorized to examine/discuss (these teachings of mine) who have (their three) mala-s destroyed, who know the supreme and the inferior --i.e. who know 'a' and 'ha'--, who are established in the real being of Śiva'.
    With this in mind, there is no surprise if most people cannot understand 'something' in Tantrāloka. On top of that, I am not adding yet the notes of explanation. So, my point here is that you should not feel frustrated if after reading you still cannot fully get it. It requires a hight level of scholarship and direct experience.
  3. My work on this scripture continues!
  4. Enjoy!

12/05/2018 - New translations: Read!

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  1. First of all, our collaborator Dávid Durvāsās finished his English to Hungarian translation of the first chapter in Tantrāloka. And the index page was translated too, of course. Congratulations!
  2. Secondly, Natalia Ambikā finished her English to Russian translation of the aphorisms III.23 to III.33 in Śivasūtravimarśinī. Congratulations too!
  3. Well, our Hungarian and Russian translators are working hard evidently. It is a massive effort to translate such intricate scriptures full of so many complicated technical terms in Sanskrit indeed. Keep it up!
  4. Enjoy!

11/28/2018 - Tantrāloka: Chapter 1 (part 2/3)

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  1. Another big effort and the stanzas 150 to 300 in Tantrāloka (chapter 1 dealing with the different kinds of knowledge) are now fully translated.
  2. The scholarly style of Abhinavagupta is becoming more and more difficult. No surprise in this! He uses special terminology now and and then, which is extremely difficult to translate. Also, his writing style is involved enough as to say that half of the effort with every stanza is exerted to overcome this obstacle. Again, no surprise! Abhinavagupta has been always the bogeyman in Trika Shaivism and there are serious reasons for him to be labeled like this.
  3. Only 32 stanzas are left to finish the first chapter then. A little more effort and it will be done.
  4. Enjoy!

11/01/2018 - Tantrāloka: Chapter 1 (part 1/3)

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  1. First of all: The first 150 stanzas of Tantrāloka (chapter 1 dealing with the different kinds of knowledge) are completely translated. Enormous effort really! A high IQ is not enough to do that, you need extra help from Paramaśiva. Apart from this help, I constantly resorted to the Jayaratha's commentary for some light too. Without this extra help you cannot cross the ocean of knowledge in Tantrāloka even if your intellect is quite a champion. What is divine cannot be understood by what is not divine. I am very happy!!!!
  2. Dávid Durvāsās (ex Dávid Farkas) was working a lot too. He finished (1) the second chapter of Mālinīvijayottaratantra; (2) the Part 3 (stanzas 3 to 4) in Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa and (3) the Part 4 (stanzas 3 to 4) in the same scripture. Incredible effort!!!!
  3. We are extremely pleased!!!!!!!
  4. Enjoy!

10/20/2018 - Several news: Read!

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  1. Natalia Ambikā published her Russian translation of Śivasūtravimarśinī III.12-22. Congratulations on your strenuous efforts, Gurumā!
  2. Dávid Farkas completely finished his Hungarian translation of Spandanirṇaya. Now he has started his translation into Hungarian of Mālinīvijayottaratantra, and the first chapter of this scripture is already available! Massive effort, Dávid!
  3. In the meantime, I, Gabriel Pradīpaka, have finished translating the first 95 stanzas of the first chapter in Tantrāloka. Did you think I had gone away on vacation? Nope, I am always working hard in the shadows. I will be able to publish my translation of the first 150 stanzas of this initial chapter in the near future, I hope, because to fight this terrifying monster is never an easy task for any intellect. The depth of Abhinavagupta's teachings forces me to read many other things apart from Tantrāloka (e.g. other scriptures, commentaries, one million possible interpretations and things like that). This is always a time-consuming process, hence the delay. Sanskrit is always the least of the problems when it comes to translating Abhinavagupta's writings.
  4. Enjoy!

10/07/2018 - Mālinīvijayottaratantra: Chapter 4

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  1. I published my translation and explanation of the 4th chapter of Mālinīvijayottaratantra.
  2. In this chapter our beloved Śiva speaks about many mysteries: e.g. the relationship between Mātṛkā/Mālinī and the tattva-s, the different types of Yoga and Knowledge, etc.
  3. Because in all my explanations of Mālinīvijayottaratantra I have to translate many aphorisms occurring in Tantrāloka, possibly I will soon undertake the translation of the whole Tantrāloka (but without any explanation, in order to move faster) so in my future explanations of Mālinīvijayottaratantra I do not have to translate so many aphorisms from Tantrāloka. As both scriptures are complementary, what I do in one is useful for the other. Explanations of Tantrāloka should come later, when Mālinīvijayottaratantra is finally finished. Oh yes, this will take a few years of very hard work, but the final result will be a massive treasure of Trika knowledge available for free.
  4. Enjoy!

09/24/2018 - The Tour: Read!

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  1. What is the point of spending plenty of time searching for what you want to find on the website? Simply visit the Tour (look up!).
  2. I specially built the Tour for making searching stuff here much faster and intuitive. This is accomplished by presenting the information in a very organized way.
  3. So, instead of spending hours trying to find something, instead of sending me messages for help about finding what you need, it is a much better solution to use the Tour really.
  4. Enjoy!

09/20/2018 - Other two important news: Read!

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  1. I completely updated the Tour, e.g. I updated the innumerable links in the Russian and Hindi sections, I updated my recommendations about browsers and so on.
  2. I updated the Privacy and Security Statement, specially regarding cookies.
  3. We are not collecting information from our visitors in order to create profiles and things like this. The use of cookies here is for tasks that are strictly indispensable for the functioning of the website. Anyway, we use, to a very limited extent, the services of Facebook, Google and Paypal. In this case, you must abide by their own policy about use of cookies.
  4. Enjoy!

09/18/2018 - Two important news: Read!

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  1. Natalia Ambikā finished her translation into Russian of the 1st to 11th aphorism in Kṣemarāja's Śivasūtravimarśinī (third section). Good work!
  2. The Parabhairavayoga Gallery has been updated with all the pictures of 2018.
  3. Parabhairavayoga Gallery is one of our three websites (the other two are and the one you are on right now). It is dedicated to show pictures of Guru Gabriel Pradīpaka (Gurujī) along with disciples and family during his mission of spreading the teachings of his own Parabhairavayoga system. Additional photos of Gurujī's daily life are shown as well.
  4. Enjoy!

09/15/2018 - Tantrāloka: Full transcription

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  1. I transcribed the entire Tantrāloka (a massive Trika scripture composed by Abhinavagupta, the greatest Trika Master of all time).
  2. It was a tremendous effort on my part, but now the scripture is ready to be translated.
  3. Now you have 330 new documents (55 per language) here. So the size of our website increased its number of documents in around 17% all of sudden.
  4. When I translate this scripture in the future, I plan on adding, as always, my own explanations. So, it will become an immense source of Trika knowledge available for free in many languages.
  5. Enjoy!

09/13/2018 - Navigation bar: Updated and polished

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  1. The navigation bar (look up!) has been updated and polished with new links.
  2. There are new links to our Facebook Page, to our YouTube Channel and to the mini-biography of Gurujī and other collaborators.
  3. Also, we are 'testing' a new way to show news on the website (e.g. by adding pictures to make the news more colorful). Additionally, the plan is to post more frequently news about different topics, e.g. about guiding our visitors to different areas of our website.
  4. If everything is OK with this prototype regarding showing news, the new system will be permanent.
  5. Enjoy!