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Teachings of Guru Gabriel Pradīpaka

Before you go to the Blog, please read the following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), because it will be very useful to you:

  1. What is this Blog?: It is kind of satellite website dedicated to Parabhairavayoga (the type of Yoga founded by Guru Gabriel Pradīpaka, which though is firmly rooted in traditional Non-dualistic Shaivism of Kashmir adds teachings/practices from the Gurujī's lineage).
  2. What was the reason for you to build this Blog?: Because Parabhairavayoga needed its own space.
  3. What else could you say about your Blog?: It integrates many posts from the old Blog with the new posts about Parabhairavayoga. As it is obvious, the Parabhairavayoga's scriptures composed by Gurujī in Sanskrit and explained in English and Spanish (plus the additional languages managed by collaborators) are in this Blog. Therefore, it is highly probable that its size will increase a lot in the future, not only as far as fresh content being published is concerned but also with reference to the addition of more languages being supported. Finally, it is to be noted that the Blog is closely connected with our official Page on Facebook: ,
  4. So your Blog could be called something like 'Home to Parabhairavayoga', right?: Exactly! That is a perfect definition!
  5. And if some people needed more information?: The answer is obvious: They should email us.

Now, go and enjoy the Blog, please