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Terms of use

Know our terms of use

First of all, the extra copyrighted materials (blog, search engine, etc.) we use on the site have been, for the most part, developed by their respective owners. They allow us to use and customize them for free because we are abiding by their terms of license. Each of the copyright notes of those materials has been left intact, as the license demands.

Regarding our own copyrighted material (contents, images -logo included, of course-, design, sounds, etc.), you should take these things in mind:

  1. The contents of this website are protected by copyright law in our country and other countries according to international treaties. Violation of the copyright law may result in severe legal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law if necessary.

    When you use this site, you are accepting the "well-known" terms of use of copyrighted material. In addition, we specify the following:

  2. We are giving our contents for free, and anyone can enjoy them online and download them to his machine. In this way, for the normal reader of our website, nothing has changed really with the inclusion of copyright.

  3. However, if someone is "publishing online" some "little" portion of a page of our site, he should make duly clear the real author of that portion of content and include a link to our website. If he is including an entire page or even more, he must ask us permission first. The previous rules are intended for sites giving their contents for free online, of course. Nonetheless, if the site is a commercial one, and the owners want to include something of our website, they must first ask us permission always.

  4. If someone wants to include a portion of our material in any other type of publication (e.g. a book), he should always ask us permission in the first place.


  1. You must not link directly to downloadable files on this site such as sounds, etc., but to the respective page containing links to those archives.

  2. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time with no previous warning. Anyway, if the terms of use are updated, we will add the respective date.

  1. Obviously, Gabriel Pradīpaka is a "legally registered" pseudonym for Gabriel.

Anyone infringing these terms of use will face from protests and reclamations to lawsuits.

Final note:

We are making a great effort in time and money for people to get Sanskrit knowledge for free. We consider our task a sacred one, and this site a kind of temple. Therefore, we are absolutely willing to take the necessary legal steps to stop anyone from trying to delude people by saying he/she is the author of our material when he/she is not really, let alone if he/she is making money in the process. Several sites have already verified that we are not merely bragging but speaking very seriously. We are against delusion in all its forms, be sure.

Last updated: November 15th, 2012

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