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Important information

But before doing that, you should read the following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) because it will prove very useful for you:

  1. What is this Tour?: Exactly what it says! It is a complete tour of the site. So, during this kind of journey, you will learn how the site is organized, how to get started, what each of the sections contains and so on.
  2. Is it "absolutely" necessary to take this Tour?: Yes, if you want to make the most of the website.
  3. Do I need to read everything?: Of course. First, "get started" (i.e. read the "Getting started" section). Second, keep reading the rest of pages. Yes, perhaps what you are looking for may be quickly found in one section (e.g. Linguistics), but very often you will discover that much additional information is buried somewhere else, as it were. Hence, I strongly recommend you to read the entire Tour, at least from a bird's eye view, in order not to overlook relevant contents. Also, this will save you time e-mailing us just to ask about something that is already fully explained on the site itself.
  4. Is there an exact correspondence between the Sitemap, the main menu and the Tour?: There certainly is! The only difference lies in the following: In case a set of pages is formed from a front page and several subpages (e.g. a long scripture composed of many chapters), both the main menu and the Tour will show a link to the front page only, while the Sitemap will show "all" links (front page and subpages).
  5. Can I use the Tour as a way to surf this website?: Yes, you can! Certainly, the two main ways to navigate it are the main menu and the Sitemap, but some people might find it really comfortable to do so through the Tour itself. It is your choice, in any case.
  6. If there are any doubts?: The answer is obvious: this is our e-mail address.

Now, go and enjoy the Tour, please Upwards! 

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