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This guide follows the main menu's scheme (look up!) in that it shows only the front page (the main one) in case of a set of pages linked to one another. For instance, Bhagavadgītā is composed of a front page and several subpages (the respective chapters). Well, the main menu just exhibits a link to the front page and "not" to the chapters. This was so designed to make the menu so lighter as possible. Too many submenus in the main menu and those visitors with slow connections will suffer the consequences, you know.

On the contrary, our Sitemap shows "all" links to "all" pages (look for "Vedānta" in the "Scriptures" section of the Sitemap and see it by yourself). In spite of this only difference between the main menu's scheme and that of the Sitemap, there is a complete coherence between both. Ah, a final advise: move the mouse pointer over the list of links to get additional information.

All right, let us get down to work!

Trika scriptures: All Trika scriptures translated by Gabriel Pradīpaka are compiled here
Here Gabriel Pradīpaka publishes his translations of important Trika scriptures: Keep studying.
Non-dual Shaivism of Rosario also known as Rosario's Trika: All Trika scriptures written by Gabriel Pradīpaka are compiled here
Here Gabriel Pradīpaka publishes his own scriptures on Trika: Keep studying.
Veda-s: The four sacred books
Gabriel Pradīpaka publishes his translations of the celebrated Veda-s here: Keep studying.
Purāṇa-s: Ancient Stories
Gabriel Pradīpaka publishes his translations of the sacred Purāṇa-s: Keep studying.
Patañjali: All scriptures somehow related to this great sage
Gabriel Pradīpakahas translated here some Patañjali-related texts: Keep studying.
Haṭhayoga: Scriptures related to the Haṭhayoga science
If you like Haṭhayoga, this is for you: Keep studying.
Vedānta: All Vedantic scriptures translated by Gabriel Pradīpaka are shown here
The three most important scriptures in Vedānta system are: Upaniṣad-s, Bhagavadgītā and Vedāntasūtra-s (also called Brahmasūtra-s), which form what is known as Prasthānatraya. Gabriel Pradīpaka will bring the respective translations of those scriptures here little by little: Keep studying.
Miscellany: An aggregate of different scriptures with full word for word translation
Here there are translations of various well-known scriptures: Keep studying.
Stories: Ancient spiritual tales and stories in Sanskrit
Spiritual stories completely translated may be found here: Keep reading.
Final words
Gabriel Pradīpaka's specialty is Trika system, but this does not mean he is a recalcitrant fanatic unable to see beauty and truth in other philosophies. Since he has also studied Pātañjalayoga and Vedānta for many years, he felt like translating such crucial scriptures as Bhagavadgītā, Pātañjalayogasūtra-s, etc. To translate scriptures requires an enormous knowledge of both Sanskrit language and Indian philosophies. It is not something you do overnight. Hence, Gabriel Pradīpaka is only translating scriptures belonging to philosophical systems he knows well. Every philosophy has its own technical jargon and if a translator has not enough knowledge about a particular system may make serious mistakes. Of course, everybody can read this section, which is full of translations of many important scriptures in Sanskrit.

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