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Beautiful names in Sanskrit

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Important information

But before doing that, you should read the following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) because it will prove very useful for you:

  1. What is this?: A place where the visitors can pick up Sanskrit names easily.
  2. Can they not simply ask you for those names through e-mails?: They can, but this will be useless because I will not respond ever. Since the task was very time-consuming as the quantity of people needing Sanskrit names was overwhelming, I made the decision, long ago, of not responding e-mails sent by people asking for names and the like.
  3. So, you take the trouble to gather names in Sanskrit and accumulate them here: Exactly! In this way, a lot of visitors get what they are searching and at the same time I do not waste my time deleting innumerable e-mails every day.
  4. Are they classified following a certain order?: Yes, they follow the order of the Sanskrit alphabet. The front page is the "Index of Sanskrit Names". From there you use the initial letter of the name you are looking for in order to find it. It is very easy.
  5. Can the visitors do anything else there?: Yes, they can customize the names. There is a link ("Customization") in the very "Index of Sanskrit Names" leading to a page where I teach, step by step, how to do it properly.
  6. Do they need to read anything else?: Yes, it is strongly recommended to read the page "More information".
  7. If there are any doubts?: The answer is obvious: this is our e-mail address.

Now, go and pick them up, please Upwards! 

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