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Bullets for Masculine (. - black), Feminine (. - red) and Masculine/Feminine (. - orange) names
The list is in Sanskrit alphabetical order (see the alphabet here). Abbreviations m. and f. = masculine and feminine. Red transliteration (in brackets) follows the ITRANS encoding scheme, see here. You can use Itranslator 99 along with your chosen name in ITRANS to get "marvelous results". See how here.

 Names beginning with "Ā"

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  1. Ākāśagaṅgā (AkAshagaN^gA) (आकाशगङ्गा) f.: River Ganges when flowing down from the sky or ākāśa - The name by which the sacred river Ganges is known when flowing from the sky down to the earth.
  2. Ākāśapathika (AkAshapathika) (आकाशपथिक) m.: Traveling across the sky - An epithet of the sun.
  3. Ākāśeśa (AkAshesha) (आकाशेश) m.: Lord of the sky - Epithet for Indra. [indra]
  4. Ākūti (AkUti) (आकूति) f.: Wish - Name of a daughter of Svāyambhuva Manu and Śatarūpā, who was the personification of wish. [svAyambhuva - manu]
  5. Ākarṣa (AkarSa) (आकर्ष) m.: One who draws or attracts.
  6. Ākrīḍa (AkrIDa) (आक्रीड) m.: Playground.
  7. Ākhara (Akhara) (आखर) m.: The lair of an animal.
  8. Ākhuga (Akhuga) (आखुग) m.: One who rides on a rat - Epithet for Gaṇeśa, son of Śiva. [gaNesha - shiva]
  9. Āgneya (Agneya) (आग्नेय) m., Āgneyī (AgneyI) (आग्नेयी) f.: Relating to fire or its deity.
  10. Āghriṇi (AghriNi) (आघ्रिणि) m., Āghriṇi (AghriNi) (आघ्रिणि) f.: Glowing with heat.
  11. Ātapana (Atapana) (आतपन) m.: One who causes heat - Epithet for Śiva. [shiva]
  12. Ātāpī (AtApI) (आतापी) m., Ātāpinī (AtApinI) (आतापिनी) f.: Zealous.
  13. Ātmabhū (AtmabhU) (आत्मभू) m.: Self-born - Epithet for Brahmā, the creator in the celebrated trilogy - The other two gods are Viṣṇu and Rudra. [viSNu - rudra]
  14. Ātmayoni (Atmayoni) (आत्मयोनि) m.: Self-born.
  15. Ādikavi (Adikavi) (आदिकवि) m.: The first poet - Epithet for Vālmīki, the author of Rāmāyaṇa. [vAlmIki - rAmAyaNa]
  16. Ādikeśava (Adikeshava) (आदिकेशव) m.: The first long-haired one - Epithet for Viṣṇu. [viSNu]
  17. Ādityavarṇā (AdityavarNA) (आदित्यवर्णा) f.: One who has the sun's color.
  18. Ādideva (Adideva) (आदिदेव) m.: The first god - Epithet for either Brahmā, Viṣṇu or Rudra. [brahmA - viSNu - rudra]
  19. Ādipuruṣa (AdipuruSa) (आदिपुरुष) m.: The first person - Epithet for Viṣṇu. [viSNu]
  20. Ādirāja (AdirAja) (आदिराज) m.: The first king - Epithet for the first Manu. [manu]
  21. Ādhāra (AdhAra) (आधार) m.: Support, substratum.
  22. Ānanda (Ananda) (आनन्द) m.: Bliss.
  23. Ānandabhairava (Anandabhairava) (आनन्दभैरव) m., Ānandabhairavī (AnandabhairavI) (आनन्दभैरवी) f.: One who causes both bliss and fear.
  24. Ānandalahari or Ānandalaharī (Anandalahari or AnandalaharI) (आनन्दलहरि or आनन्दलहरी) f.: Wave of bliss.
  25. Ānila (Anila) (आनिल) m., Ānilī (AnilI) (आनिली) f.: One who proceeds from wind.
  26. Āprītapā (AprItapA) (आप्रीतपा) m.: One who guards when propitiated - Epithet for Viṣṇu. [viSNu]
  27. Ābhāsvara (AbhAsvara) (आभास्वर) m., Ābhāsvarā (AbhAsvarA) (आभास्वरा) f.: Bright, shining.
  28. Ābharadvasu (Abharadvasu) (आभरद्वसु) m.: One who brings goods or property.
  29. Āraṇaja (AraNaja) (आरणज) m.: Born from the abyss or depth.
  30. Āraṇeya (AraNeya) (आरणेय) m.: One who has been made of the two araṇi-s - The araṇi-s are two pieces of wood through which sacred fire is kindled by attrition. [araNi]
  31. Āruja (Aruja) (आरुज) m., Ārujā (ArujA) (आरुजा) f.: One who breaks or destroys.
  32. Āruṣī (AruSI) (आरुषी) f.: One who hits.
  33. Ārogya (Arogya) (आरोग्य) m., Ārogyā (ArogyA) (आरोग्या) f.: One who is healthy or free from illness.
  34. Ārki (Arki) (आर्कि) m.: Descendant of the sun - Epithet for Yama, the god of death. [yama]
  35. Ārjava (Arjava) (आर्जव) m., Ārjavā (ArjavA) (आर्जवा) f.: Honest.
  36. Ārdra (Ardra) (आर्द्र) m., Ārdrā (ArdrA) (आर्द्रा) f.: Fresh, living, new as well as wet, damp.
  37. Ārya (Arya) (आर्य) m., Āryā (AryA) (आर्या) f.: Honorable, respectable, noble, honest.
  38. Āryaka (Aryaka) (आर्यक) m.: Honorable, respectable, noble, honest.
  39. Ārṣeya (ArSeya) (आर्षेय) m., Ārṣeyī (ArSeyI) (आर्षेयी) f.: Venerable, honorable, respectable, noble as well as one who is related to or descendant of the Vedic Ṛṣi-s or Seers - Epithet for Agni, the god of fire. [agni]
  40. Ālamba (Alamba) (आलम्ब) m., Ālambā (AlambA) (आलम्बा) f.: Support.
  41. Ālāna (AlAna) (आलान) m.: Fetter, rope.
  42. Ālekhana (Alekhana) (आलेखन) m.: One who scratches.
  43. Āvaneya (Avaneya) (आवनेय) m.: One who is a son of the planet earth - Epithet for Mars.
  44. Āvaha (Avaha) (आवह) m., Āvahā (AvahA) (आवहा) f.: One who brings.
  45. Āvāha (AvAha) (आवाह) m.: Invitation.
  46. Āśā (AshA) (आशा) f.: Hope.
  47. Āśāvaha (AshAvaha) (आशावह) m.: One who brings hope - Epithet for the sun.
  48. Āśuga (Ashuga) (आशुग) m., Āśugā (AshugA) (आशुगा) f.: One who moves quickly - Epithet for the sun (āśuga).
  49. Āśugamī (AshugamI) (आशुगमी) m., Āśugaminī (AshugaminI) (आशुगमिनी) f.: One who moves quickly - Epithet for the sun (āśugamī).
  50. Āśutoṣa (AshutoSa) (आशुतोष) m., Āśutoṣā (AshutoSA) (आशुतोषा) f.: One who is pleased in an easy way.
  51. Āśuhemā (AshuhemA) (आशुहेमा) m.: One who urges his horses - Epithet for Agni, the god of fire. [agni]
  52. Āśuheṣās (AshuheSAs) (आशुहेषास्) m., Āśuheṣās (AshuheSAs) (आशुहेषास्) f.: One who has quick horses - Epithet for the Aśvī-s, two well-known deities. [ashvI]
  53. Āśvaśva (Ashvashva) (आश्वश्व) m., Āśvaśvā (AshvashvA) (आश्वश्वा) f.: One who has fast horses - Epithet for the Marut-s, the storm-gods. [marut]
  54. Āśmana (Ashmana) (आश्मन) m., Āśmanā (AshmanA) (आश्मना) f.: One who is made of stone.

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