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Bullets for Masculine (. - black), Feminine (. - red) and Masculine/Feminine (. - orange) names
The list is in Sanskrit alphabetical order (see the alphabet here). Abbreviations m. and f. = masculine and feminine. Red transliteration (in brackets) follows the ITRANS encoding scheme, see here. You can use Itranslator 99 along with your chosen name in ITRANS to get "marvelous results". See how here.

 Names beginning with "CA" and "CHA" (1)

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  1. Cakradṛk (cakradR^ik) (चक्रदृक्) m., Cakradṛk (cakradR^ik) (चक्रदृक्) f.: One who is circular-eyed.
  2. Cakradeva (cakradeva) (चक्रदेव) m.: One who has the wheel of a war-chariot for his god.
  3. Cakrapāṇi (cakrapANi) (चक्रपाणि) m.: One who has a discus in his hand - Epithet for Viṣṇu. [viSNu]
  4. Cakrabhṛt (cakrabhR^it) (चक्रभृत्) m.: One who bears a discus - Epithet for Viṣṇu.  [viSNu]
  5. Cakramauli (cakramauli) (चक्रमौलि) m.: One who has a circular diadem.
  6. Cakravān (cakravAn) (चक्रवान्) m., Cakravatī (cakravatI) (चक्रवती) f.: One who has a wheel or wheels - Epithet for Viṣṇu (Cakravān).  [cakravAn - viSNu]
  7. Cakrāyudha (cakrAyudha) (चक्रायुध) m.: One whose weapon is a discus - Epithet for Viṣṇu. [viSNu]
  8. Cakreśvara (cakreshvara) (चक्रेश्वर) m.: Lord of the discus - Epithet for Viṣṇu. [viSNu]
  9. Cakrī (cakrI) (चक्री) m.: One who bears a discus - Epithet for Viṣṇu. [viSNu]
  10. Cakṣurvardhanikā (cakSurvardhanikA) (चक्षुर्वर्धनिका) m.: One who refreshes the eyes.
  11. Cakṣus (cakSus) (चक्षुस्) m., Cakṣus (cakSus) (चक्षुस्) f.: The act of seeing, the eye.
  12. Cañcala (caJNcala) (चञ्चल) m., Cañcalā (caJNcalA) (चञ्चला) f.: One who moves hither and thither.
  13. Caṇḍa (caNDa) (चण्ड) m., Caṇḍā or Caṇḍī (caNDa or caNDI) (चण्डा or चण्डी) f.: Fierce, impetuous, violent, etc. - Epithet for Pārvatī (Caṇḍā), the second wife of Śiva. [caNDA - pArvatI - shiva]
  14. Caṇḍakara (caNDakara) (चण्डकर) m.: One whose rays are hot - Epithet for the sun.
  15. Caṇḍaghaṇṭā (caNDaghaNTA) (चण्डघण्टा) f.: One who has hot bells - Epithet for the goddess Durgā. [durgA]
  16. Caṇḍatuṇḍaka (caNDatuNDaka) (चण्डतुण्डक) m.: One who has a powerful beak - Name of a son of Garuḍa, the celebrated eagle acting as vehicle of Lord Viṣṇu. [garuDa - viSNu]
  17. Caṇḍabala (caNDabala) (चण्डबल) m.: One who has a fierce force.
  18. Caṇḍarūpā (caNDarUpA) (चण्डरूपा) f.: One who has a terrible form.
  19. Caṇḍavatī (caNDavatI) (चण्डवती) f.: One who is impetuous, passionate.
  20. Caṇḍaśakti (caNDashakti) (चण्डशक्ति) m.: One who has impetuous power.
  21. Caṇḍeśvara (caNDeshvara) (चण्डेश्वर) m.: Lord of Caṇḍā (see above) - Epithet for Śiva. [caNDA - shiva]

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