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Sanskrit Directory
Sanskrit Directory

 Additional information
What does the Sanskrit Directory contain?
Links to sites giving completely free Sanskrit-related stuff or at least a good portion of content related to the Sanskrit universe gratuitously.
How to have a site added to it?
We are constantly looking for new sites, but if you want to suggest one, simply send us via e-mail the URL of that site (whether or not it is yours). We will check such a site and if it is approved, we will include it in the directory. In case it is your own site, if you want specially provide us with title, description (255 characters max.) and keywords... no problem... but if you do not, we directly use the metatags. And if your site belongs to a different category or subcategory other than the ones listed, suggest us one then.
How much does it cost to be included in the Sanskrit Directory?
Nothing. We add links to sites to the directory for free.