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 Svātantryasūtravṛtti (Svatantryasutravritti) - Non-dual Shaivism of Rosario

Commentary of Gabriel Pradīpaka on his own Svātantryasūtram


Hi, Gabriel Pradīpaka --wrongly-written Pradipaka-- again. In order to lay firm foundations in my task of reconnecting spiritual aspirants with their own Self and making the Sanskrit literature up to date and fully alive, I composed Svātantryasūtram --wrongly-written Svatantryasutram--. It was firstly published together with a succinct exposition in English of every aphorism. Now, on those solid foundations, I proceed to write a full commentary (vṛtti) in Sanskrit, the sacred language, on that scripture. In this way, I will also make sure that the subtle meanings contained in each of the aphorisms will not be tergiversated by the ever-present different viewpoints and opinions arisen in limited individuals who are only an invention of the Power of the Self. I offer this work to the pure Self who is the substratum of all that exists and the real key to success in spirituality.

Obviously, I am always mainly following the teachings of Trika (Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir) because it is my specialty, but I added my own personal experiences too, all of which constitutes what I am now calling: Rosario's Trika or Non-dual Shaivism of Rosario.

Read Svātantryasūtravṛtti and realize your identity with your own Self.


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Gabriel Pradīpaka

This document was conceived by Gabriel Pradīpaka, one of the two founders of this site, and spiritual guru conversant with Sanskrit language and Trika philosophy.

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