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Indispensable types of letters you need to download and install

   Download and install the fonts

Important information

But before doing that, you should read the following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) because it will prove very useful for you:

  1. How many fonts do I have to download and install?: Three. Their names are: "Gentium Plus", "Andika" and "Sanskrit 2003".
  2. What kind of characters do they show?: Gentium Plus/Andika are used for showing transliterated Sanskrit, i.e. Sanskrit in Roman characters instead of the original signs. And the transliteration via Gentium Plus/Andika is in IAST (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration). Sanskrit 2003 shows original Sanskrit, i.e. signs. As the text, whether in the transliteration or in the original Sanskrit, is fully Unicode, you will always see characters but in a poor way. Anyway, I "strongly" recommend you download and install the three fonts to behold Sanskrit in "its full glory".
  3. Are the Gentium Plus/Andika fonts being used on all pages at present?: Yes. In fact, they are the fonts that show all the text (including Sanskrit transliteration) which is not Sanskrit signs.
  4. What is a unicode font?: It is a font designed according to the Unicode standard. Visit for more information about unicode and non-unicode fonts, please.
  5. Are Gentium Plus, Andika and Sanskrit 2003 Unicode fonts?: Yes indeed!
  6. Anything else?: Yes, when you go to the "Font download/installation page", firstly download the three fonts and afterward read carefully the detailed instructions according to your operating system, please. I have put plenty of helpful information there so that you have no problems at all. In any case, if you need personal help, just contact me via e-mail.

Now, go download and install the fonts, please  Upwards! 

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