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Test your browser with the Sanskrit 2003 font

Verifying installation

Sanskrit 2003 is a Windows font only supported by Windows 2000 (and higher), since it is a Unicode one. The Sanskrit 2003 font works perfectly on IE 6+, Firefox, Opera 9+ and any other modern browser. If you are a Windows 2000 (and higher) user, download the font and learn how to install it, please. Afterward, verify if you installed the font properly:

1) Look at the following tables containing Sanskrit signs, and then go to the next step. Since these characters are rather common, if you cannot view them suitably, then, either you are not using Windows 2000 (and higher), or else the font has been improperly installed. You should see all characters rightly, and the separations between them in the sentence should look OK:

क्न kna क्ल kla क्ष kṣa ग्न gna ग्र gra घ्न ghna
ङ्ख ṅkha ङ्घ ṅgha ञ्च ñca ञ्ज ñja त्त tta द्द dda
द्ध्र ddhra न्न nna प्न pna भ्र bhra रु ru श्च śca
स्वेच्छया स्वभित्तौ विश्वमुन्मीलयति॥२॥
Svecchayā svabhittau viśvamunmīlayati||2||

2) You should view this on the previous tables (forget about similarity of colors, design of the tables and transliteration... just pay attention to the "signs", please!):

Testing your browser

If you see all characters and separations between them in a proper way, so everything is OK.

3) If you have some problems, make sure you are using Windows 2000 (and higher) (generally Start/Settings/Control Panel, and click on System). Also, make sure the font is installed (generally Start/Settings/Control Panel, click on Fonts and look for Sanskrit 2003). If you want, you may erase it and install it again by paying special attention to how to enable "International Support" (by the way, this is not necessary at all with respect to Windows Vista (and higher), because the International Support seems to be enabled by default in this operating system). The Sanskrit 2003 font will not be shown adequately if you did not enable International Support, or else if you enable it but you did not restart your computer. Therefore, choose the best course of action to have your problem resolved.

In case you still keep experiencing problems, simply contact us and do not forget to specify your operating system and browser on the message.

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