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This guide follows the main menu's scheme in that it shows only the front page (the main one) in case of a set of pages linked to one another. For instance, Bhagavadgītā is composed of a front page and several subpages (the respective chapters). Well, the main menu just exhibits a link to the front page and "not" to the chapters. This was so designed to make the menu so lighter as possible. Too many submenus in the main menu and those visitors with slow connections will suffer the consequences, you know.

On the contrary, our Sitemap shows "all" links to "all" pages (look for "Vedānta" in the "Scriptures" section of the Sitemap and see it by yourself). In spite of this only difference between the main menu's scheme and that of the Sitemap, there is a complete coherence between both. Ah, a final advise: move the mouse pointer over the list of links to get additional information.

All right, let us get down to work!

First Steps: Getting started
This subsection acts as an introduction to the Sanskrit universe. Here you will find the following documents: There is additional information in the Appendixes section. Everyone can read the pages of this subsection. They do not need any previous knowledge to do that.
Writing: Writing in Sanskrit
The Writing subsection contains all that is related to Sanskrit writing. Here you are the pages: There is more stuff in the Appendixes section too.
Transliterating: Learning transliteration
Here you will find documents dealing with Sanskrit transliteration: "Transliterating Sanskrit" means to write original sign-based Sanskrit in Roman characters.
Numbers: Sanskrit numbers
All that is connected with Sanskrit numbers may be found here: There is more good information in the Appendixes section as well.
Combination:Rules of Sandhi or Combination
The present subsection deals with Sandhi or Combination. To learn how Sandhi works is vital in Sanskrit learning: More examples and so forth may be found in the Appendixes section.
Declension:Studying Sanskrit declension
Here you will learn to decline nouns and adjectives. There are 8 cases in Sanskrit, viz. Nominative, Vocative, Accusative, Instrumental, Dative, Ablative, Genitive and Locative: There are also many examples in the Appendixes section.
Verbs:Sanskrit verbs
Verb conjugation is considered to be the most difficult stage in Sanskrit learning. It is a complex subject that Gabriel Pradīpaka tries to teach in a simple way: More stuff may be found in the Appendixes section.
Compounds: Sanskrit compounds
In Sanskrit, compounds are used very often. It is not just a matter of piling words up, but there are many rules to be followed in the process: Keep studying.
Affixes: Primary and secondary affixes
Kṛt (primary) and Taddhita (secondary) affixes are very important and commonly used in Sanskrit: Keep studying.
Syntax:Sanskrit syntax
This subsection deals with syntax, which is vital, no only in Sanskrit but in all languages: Keep studying.
Translating:How to translate Sanskrit texts
Here you will learn translating texts in real world. The previous knowledge you picked up from First Steps through Syntax is indispensable, of course, but you will have to learn many other "tricks" to actually translate a text in Sanskrit. Hence this subsection had to be created: Keep studying.
Pronunciation:How to pronounce in Sanskrit
Firstly, learn how to pronounce letters and simple words. Then learn how to pronounce entire scriptures such as the Śivasūtra-s, Pātañjalayogasūtra-s, etc.: Keep studying.
Sacred Mantra-s:Are you looking for a Mantra?
This subsection has nothing to do with strict Sanskrit learning. It is mainly intended for people who are interested in sacred formulations written in Sanskrit: Keep studying.
Sanskrit Tool-Kit:Tools to make Sanskrit learning easier
Here you are interesting tools for you to learn Sanskrit in an easier way: Keep studying.
FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions
Here Gabriel Pradīpakaanswers many usual questions that students ask when learning Sanskrit language: Keep reading.
Final words
The Sanskrit section is primarily related to Sanskrit learning but includes more relevant stuff as well. Sanskrit section is the most important section of this site and should be visited not only by people studying Sanskrit grammar but also by all those who want to get in-depth knowledge about the sacred language.

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