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Support for mobile phones and tablets: 
In order to enjoy support for mobile phones and tablets, you need a CSS3-compliant browser, which must be generally the latest version of your favorite browser. But if for some reason you need to use an older version of your browser, keep this list in mind, please:
Firefox 3.6+ (Windows and Mac), Google Chrome 4+ (Windows) and Google Chrome 5+ (Mac), Opera 10.5+ (Windows and Mac), Safari 4+ (Windows and Mac) and IE 9 only (older Internet Explorer versions will fail miserably).
A good browser
Firefox, Opera 10.5+ and Google Chrome are specially recommended.
The Sanskrit font
You have to download and learn to install the Sanskrit 2003 font.
Font size can be changed at will
As the fonts use % and em units, you should not have any problems to change their size via the normal methods of any browser. Of course, there is a special style sheet for printing. The font sizes for printing are specified in points (pt). When you print something from this website, overlook the errors you may see in the browser preview, but pay attention to the "printer preview" (if there is any) or the printing itself on paper. Sometimes, the browser preview might show weird things (e.g. no justification), but when you print it out, everything looks OK. This is a browser-preview-related issue.
To transliterate the original Sanskrit characters in Devanāgarī, IAST scheme (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration) is used on this website. For more information on transliteration schemes in general, including IAST, read Transliterating: Comparing transliteration systems. Since the Gentium Plus and Andika fonts are webfonts, you do not need to manually install them, i.e. the browser will automatically use these fonts without your intervention. Anyway, if you need Gentium Plus and Andika fonts installed on your system, then you will have to download/install the Gentium Plus and Andika fonts. Gentium Plus font is used in desktops and printing while Andika is shown on tablets and phones.
There are two main ways to navigate this website: (1) The main menu, (2) The Sitemap. On one hand, the main menu gives you "direct" access to almost all pages, and I said "almost all pages" because some of them consist of a front page and several subpages. Well, in this case, the main menu only contains a link to the front page. This was so designed for making the main menu so light as possible. On the other hand, the Sitemap gives you "direct" access to all pages.

The main menu uses JavaScript and this may be problematic if your browser has JavaScript disabled when you enter the site for the first time. Yes, yes, the solution is easy, but if you are a newcomer and on top of that do not even know what the heck JavaScript is, well, you will be in trouble momentarily, hehe. However, the Sitemap is built without JavaScript. Only simple HTML combined with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This means you will have no problem to surf this site via the Sitemap from the very start! And that is the main advantage of the Sitemap. Anyway, the main menu, when working rightly, has an important advantage: it is always at hand and allows you a much more intuitive navigation. The Sitemap may easily make you confused due to the huge quantity of links perhaps.

OK, the main menu may be tricky if you have JavaScript disabled in your browser and you do not know how to enable it, and also because it just supports certain operating systems and browsers. Still, most of the problems with the main menu can be resolved through the Help page (look for "Main menu-related solutions" there).
All the help you need can be found in a single page: English-Home - Help.
Finally, these two important pages
Please, read carefully our Terms of use and Privacy and Security statement (there are links to both pages placed at the bottom of practically every document on the site).
Good luck!
You have now the indispensable information to surf the site. However, if you want to learn more, go the next page...

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