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 Sanskrit & Trika Shaivism: Tour - Final advice

A few additional recommendations

Gabriel Pradīpaka and Andrés Muni have some final suggestions for you.

  1. When e-mailing us, please read first our conditions placed below the e-mail address itself.
  2. We are neither an online dictionary nor a translation service. We only teach Sanskrit and some other things related to it (e.g. Indian philosophies, meditation, etc.).
  3. If you need a translation, visit this website:
  4. If you need to find out the meaning of a Sanskrit word, consult this online dictionary:
    Read Transliterating (2) (English) if you do not know Harvard-Kyoto (the transliteration system used by that site to enter Sanskrit terms in the search box).
  5. Respect the copyright and our terms of use, or you will face legal problems if caught red-handed.
  6. Do not ask too many questions at the same time in your mails.
  7. If you need to get a Sanskrit name, use the ISN (English) and not the e-mail. There are hundreds of names there.
  8. If you need to find some Sanskrit-related information on the Web, use our LINKS and not the e-mail. Since all relevant websites we find on the Web have a respective link there, it is useless to ask us about URLs via e-mail.
  9. Remember that you will need Firefox, Opera 9+, IE6+, etc. in order to view the Sanskrit characters properly.
  10. Sanskrit, Linguistics and Trika sections have their own FAQs. Read them for additional information about each of those sections. You can find all FAQs together in the English-Home - Help.
  11. Do not doubt to inform us about any typo or bug you may find. Also, tell us any suggestions you may have in order to improve our site. Use the e-mail to do so.
  12. We do not send unsolicited e-mails to anyone, but only respond the visitors' questions.
  13. We update the website on a regular basis.

    Well, this is the end of the Guided Tour. Good luck, visitor!

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