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This guide follows the main menu's scheme in that it shows only the front page (the main one) in case of a set of pages linked to one another. For instance, Bhagavadgītā is composed of a front page and several subpages (the respective chapters). Well, the main menu just exhibits a link to the front page and "not" to the chapters. This was so designed to make the menu so lighter as possible. Too many submenus in the main menu and those visitors with slow connections will suffer the consequences, you know.

On the contrary, our Sitemap shows "all" links to "all" pages (look for "Vedānta" in the "Scriptures" section of the Sitemap and see it by yourself). In spite of this only difference between the main menu's scheme and that of the Sitemap, there is a complete coherence between both. Ah, a final advise: move the mouse pointer over the list of links to get additional information.

All right, let us get down to work!


Alphabet: Sanskrit alphabet
The Sanskrit alphabet is the core of the Sanskrit language. To learn it is a must if you want to know Sanskrit in depth: Keep learning.
Articles: People that want to share their knowledge with you
Interesting articles on various topics: Keep learning.
Blog: Parabhaivayoga
Teachings of Guru Gabriel Pradīpaka: Keep reading.
Fonts: Getting a better experience of this site
To navigate this site adequately, you need to download and install some fonts to get a good display of signs and the respective Roman transliteration: Keep reading.
Help: Help and support zone
Come to this zone if you are in need of some help: Keep reading.
Important: Links to vital Pages of this site
It might be said that these are the most important documents of the site: Keep reading.
Links: External links
Are you looking for other Sanskrit sites and the like? All right, this is the subsection for you then: Keep learning.
Names: Sanskrit names
The Index of Sanskrit Names (ISN) is not related to the strict Sanskrit learning, obviously. However, people who are interested in picking up pretty Sanskrit names may search here. There are plenty of them, no doubt. The ISN is in "Sanskrit" alphabetical order. If you do not know how that works, see the Sanskrit alphabet for guidance: Keep reading.
Other: The rest of essential Pages you must read
Other important documents have been "piled up" in this subsection, as it were: Keep reading.
Software: Download software
Useful Sanskrit-related software for you to download: Keep reading.
Tour: Complete guide of all the contents of this website
Ah, you are exactly in this subsection right now! Use it to understand how the site is organized and find quickly vital contents you need. Also, you will avoid to write so many mails asking about "where is this, please?", and Gabriel Pradīpaka will be really thankful. Joking apart, this is true... Gabriel Pradīpaka very often receives mails with questions which have already been fully answered in the site itself: Keep reading.
Final words
All essential documents of the site have been included here. Moreover, some of these essential documents may be reached by alternatively clicking on certain buttons on the site. For example: Look at the navigation bar on top of this very page. But, if for some reason you have problems with those buttons (something really weird, hehe!), remember that there is a respective link in the Essentials section of the main menu. And of course, the Sitemap contains all links as well. Everyone can visit this section without any previous requirement.

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