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Tantrālokaviveka (Тантралока-вивека) - Недвойственный Кашмирский Шиваизм

Комментарий Джаяратхи (Jayaratha) к Тантралоке (Tantrāloka)


Tantrālokaviveka --wrongly-written Tantraloka Viveka-- is the great commentary on Tantrāloka --wrongly-written Tantraloka-- (the most outstanding Abhinavagupta's work). For the lovers of time and space: Jayaratha lived about 1150-1200 AD. It was him who composed this Tantrālokaviveka. Without his commentary it would be practically impossible to understand the words of Abhinavagupta. If you are interested in time and space, simply search the Web for "Jayaratha" and you will receive a lot of information about the historical Jayaratha. Someone who was born and died, etc. From my viewpoint, the real Jayaratha is the very Lord who, seeing that most of people studying Tantrāloka failed to understand it adequately, decided to write an authoritative commentary elucidating the real meaning of the Abhinavagupta's words.

If Tantrāloka is, using an analogy, like a solar system in size, so, Tantrālokaviveka is the Milky Way. It will take 240 documents (about 30 pages each -average-, if printed in A4 format) per language. That amounts to about 7,000 pages. Evidently the Supreme Self made all the necessary efforts for Tantrāloka to be understood in the right way. If I am allowed by Him to totally translate it, those 7,000 pages will become 14,000 or even more (due to the translation and the notes of explanation whose size is imposible to predict). If I manage to accomplish that by His Grace, I can say that the purpose of my existence on this obscure planet was fully accomplished. "Kimatra", i.e. "What else could I say about it then?".

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Габриэль Pradīpaka

Этот документ был составлен Габриэлем Pradīpaka, одним из двух основателей этого сайта, духовным гуру, экспертом в санскрите и философии Трика.

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