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Gurugītā (Гуругита) - Комментарий

Комментарий к короткой и длинной версиям прославленной Песни о Гуру


Hi, Gabriel Pradīpaka is here once again. If you did not do so, read first the introduction to the translations of the short and long versions of Gurugītā --wrongly-written Gurugita--.

As you know, there are two versions of Gurugītā, one is short while the other is long. The short version very often includes the holy Śrīgurupādukāpañcakam at the beginning while the long one does not. Both versions have many similar stanzas but stop thinking of the long version as the short one plus some additional stanzas because that thought will prove erroneous in practice. On one hand, the short version comprises 181 stanzas plus an introductory text preceded by the hymn Śrīgurupādukāpañcakam. There are also a text at the end of the work, of course. On the other hand, the long version is presented as a scripture containing 352 stanzas divided into three adhyāya-s or lessons plus a brief text at the end, and that is it.

In order to comment adequately on the writings of such a great Ṛṣi (Seer) as Vedavyāsa, the author of Gurugītā (which contains the teachings of one of his main disciples, i.e. Sūta) is necessary to have the experience, purity and knowledge of a great Yogī. As I do not have those attributes even in my best dreams, hehe, I will need much help in the form of divine Grace during the process of commenting. My inner Voice, which I consider as my true Guru, told me in meditation that all that is needed to complete the commentary will be given to me so that I can finish my task untroubled. Thus, many things I will describe might be completely strange and unknown to most people, as they are revelations coming from inside. I will also try to include drawings of those revelations when necessary. Likewise, I will attempt to explain some mysteries and hidden meanings as much as possible. Therefore, Gabriel Pradīpaka is merely a tool and not the real author of the commentary, and very often even he himself will not fully understand the secrets behind those revelations. This should be understood clearly, please.

The Supreme Self is the author of all always, but this time I was asked by that inner Voice to specially specify this point. I can never rest assured about truthfulness of those messages and revelations of the inner Voice as I am not quite a great being... although some things are impossible to explain via mere reasoning or creative imagination, in my opinion... but let me tell you that this website was entirely built from my following precise instructions contained in that kind of inner messages. In the long run, time and the quality of the commentary will show if those messages and revelations are true or just the result of my yogic imagination, hehe. For now I will have to trust them or I will not be able to comment duly on this scripture.

Of course that all contents of the commentary will not consist only of those messages and revelations, since there will be a lot of information that you can find in various scriptures, commentaries and so forth. However, in general I will not highlight the aforesaid messages and revelations, but they will be seamlessly interwoven with the rest of the text.

May this work help human beings to attain the goal of life, i.e. their own Self.


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Габриэль Pradīpaka

Этот документ был составлен Габриэлем Pradīpaka, одним из двух основателей этого сайта, духовным гуру, экспертом в санскрите и философии Трика.

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