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Svātantryasūtravṛtti (Сватантрия-сутра-вритти) - Глава I (афоризмы 13 - 16) - Недвойственный Шиваизм Росарио

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This is the fourth and last set of 4 aphorisms out of 16 aphorisms of which the first chapter (dealing with Paramārtha, the Highest Reality) consists. As you know, the entire work is composed of a full commentary on the 48 aphorisms of Svātantryasūtram. Of course, I will also insert the original aphorisms on which I will be commenting. Even though the commentary is detailed enough, there are a few notes to make a particular point clear when strictly necessary. I write in Sanskrit so elementarily as possible, i.e. with short sentences, without too long compounds and without going into the overwhelming scholarship exhibited by the ancient sages. Although Sanskrit is not exactly "for the masses", yet my purpose is to explain everything in the simplest terms for all the spiritual aspirants to understand the teachings quickly.

My Sanskrit will be in dark green color while the original Svātantryasūtram's aphorisms will be shown in dark red color. In turn, within the transliteration, the original aphorisms will be in brown color, while my comments will be shown in black. Also, within the translation, the original aphorisms of Svātantryasūtram will be in green and black colors, while my commentary will contain words in both black and red colors. All the quotes extracted from other scriptures will be properly marked, obviously.

Read Svātantryasūtravṛtti and experience Supreme Delight, dear Self.

Important: All that is in brackets and italicized within the translation has been added by me in order to complete the sense of a particular phrase or sentence. In turn, all that is between double hyphen (--...--) constitutes clarifying further information also added by me. As it is very easy to get drown in the ocean of Sanskrit and Trika, hehe, all corrections (of any kind) are always welcome, of course.


 Aphorism 13

I am still working on this document. Be patient please.

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