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 Learning Sanskrit - Sacred Mantra-s

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Gabriel Pradīpaka, once again. Since people are always in need of sacred Mantra-s for meditation, concentration, chanting, etc., I decided to share my knowledge of the Mantra-s with you by publishing this series of interesting Mantra-s for you.

Please, also note that I am not including any Mantra to harm anyone. I am only presenting you Mantra-s of adoration. They are all doubtless auspicious and will grant the best fruits to you provided that you repeat them with respect and good pronunciation. That is why I have included downloadable files with the respective sounds of all Mantra-s you will see here.

Again, inasmuch as it is propitious to behold them physically and mentally, I also include images of the signs or characters forming a particular Mantra. Also, I include their transliterations in IAST (International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration), ITRANS and Harvard-Kyoto. See here for a complete information on transliteration systems. In addition, I added a pretty background and a frame to them. I made thumbnails of all images for the sake of convenience. If you want to enlarge the image, just click on it. You will find all crucial information you need on a Mantra on the page with the enlarged image of it, that is, the present page is a kind of portal to other pages containing sacred Mantra-s. Moreover, if you want to customize the image of your chosen Mantra, I will also be teaching you how to do that later on.


 How to customize your chosen Mantra's image

That is easy. Take the ITRANS version of any Mantra and simply follow the same procedure as that of customizing Sanskrit names. Just follow the instructions and in your mind replace the word "name" or "Sanskrit name" with "mantra". Of course, instead of the steps 1, 2 and 3 there, you should select the ITRANS portion in a different way with reference to the Sacred Mantra-s. For example, if you want to customize "Om̐ namaḥ śivāya", on Sacred Mantra-s 2 (English), firstly copy any of the ITRANS versions for "Om̐ namaḥ śivāya" (each of them will result in the same thing).

Then, paste that in Itranslator 99 and follow the steps 5 and on given on the aforesaid document (the one with instructions to customize Sanskrit names). Good luck!


 Further Information

Gabriel Pradīpaka

This document was conceived by Gabriel Pradīpaka, one of the two founders of this site, and spiritual guru conversant with Sanskrit language and Trika philosophy.

For further information about Sanskrit, Yoga and Indian Philosophy; or if you simply want to comment, ask a question or correct a mistake, feel free to contact us: This is our e-mail address.

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