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 Trika Glossary - Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir

A complete compilation of technical terms belonging to this system

 Introduction to Trika glossary

Hi, this is Gabriel Pradīpaka --wrongly-written Pradipaka--. All Sanskrit words contained in Writing: Appendix 2 (Practice Sanskrit using Trika terminology) Parts 1, 2, etc. have been compiled here in the form of a Trika Glossary. You will find above every page of the glossary arranged in Sanskrit alphabetical order. Simply click on the right link and find the word. Obviously, all Sanskrit terms have not been placed on just one page because there are too many words and our modems are so slow yet.


 Further Information

Gabriel Pradīpaka

This document was conceived by Gabriel Pradīpaka, one of the two founders of this site, and spiritual guru conversant with Sanskrit language and Trika philosophy.

For further information about Sanskrit, Yoga and Indian Philosophy; or if you simply want to comment, ask a question or correct a mistake, feel free to contact us: This is our e-mail address.

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