Sanskrit & Trika Shaivism (English-Home)

जावास्क्रिप्ट अक्षम है! इस लिंक की जाँच करें!

 Purpose (Hindi)

A description of our mission

The reason for such a publication is the scarce information found in Argentina and many Spanish-speaking countries regarding this crucial language which is the base of a great culture. Sanskrit is the base of Yoga and a great deal of Indian Philosophies, owing to their literature is mostly Sanskrit. The Mantra-s or Sacred Sounds are, obviously, in Sanskrit too.

Thus, in learning Sanskrit, we are learning the soul of a great wisdom. There are several Sanskrit websites in English, but in our dear Spanish language, as far as we know, the information is virtually (on the Web) limited, so far.

For the abovementioned reasons, and trying not to be repetitive, through our work we are attempting to fill the gap (a little) and giving support to this ancient knowledge which is so essential right now. Since our knowledge is limited, some mistakes are likely to be made. Sorry, and we ask the person who has discovered them to get in touch with us, as soon as possible, in order to correct them (this is our e-mail address).

Nowadays, the materialistic pursuit and its constant pressure causes man to forget his spiritual essence. Therefore, we have not merely designed this website for the people to know and to learn another language, but we have our eyes on the extremely necessary philosophical knowledges in Sanskrit. And the spreading of these knowledges is in our minds not only as a theoretical matter --such as discussing if God is personal or impersonal-- but as one eminently practical. This ancient wisdom can relieve our pain, can shed light on our darkness, can bring hope where there is none. If with our humble grain of sand we help alleviating a little the grief of just one human being, our mission is accomplished. This is the goal.