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Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir - Tour


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Trika (overview): An overview of Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir
This subsection acts as an overview of the whole Trika's knowledge: Keep studying.
Scriptures (study): Going deep into some sacred Trika scriptures
Here Gabriel Pradīpakaexplains in detail several scriptures of the Trika system: Keep studying.
Trika scriptures: Important Trika scriptures with their respective translations
This subsection has been created merely to indicate that all Trika scriptures translated by Gabriel Pradīpaka are to be found in "Trika scriptures" within the Scriptures section.
Glossary: Do you need to know the meaning of a particular term?
A complete compilation of technical terms belonging to this system is here: Keep studying.
Meditation:Detailed study
Gabriel Pradīpaka talks about meditation as taught by Trika here: Keep studying.
The three means: Śāmbhavopāya, Śāktopāya and Āṇavopāya
Specific meditation techniques pertaining to the three means or methods are given here: Keep studying.
Tantra-related: Pages dealing with Tantra in general
General information about Tantricism may be found here: Keep studying.
Tantric ritual:A detailed study of the Tantric rites
Interested in Tantric rituals? Well, this subsection is for you then: Keep studying.
Problems?:Guide to overcome obstacles in the spiritual path
Gabriel Pradīpaka gives tips so that you may solve the problems in your sādhanā or spiritual practice: Keep studying.
FAQ's:Frequently Asked Questions about Trika and meditation
Here Gabriel Pradīpakaanswers many usual questions students ask when learning Trika system: Keep reading.
Final words
The Trika section is primarily related to Trika system, also called Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir. Trika is the specialty of Gabriel Pradīpaka. However, additional studies in Tantra have been also published here because Trika was born from the encounter between Tantricism and traditional Shaivism in Kashmir over a thousand years ago. Everybody can read this section without any previous requirements, but they should follow the order of the documents [e.g. Trika 1 (Hindi), Trika 2 (Hindi), etc.], specially if beginners in Trika.

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