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Bullets for Masculine (. - black), Feminine (. - red) and Masculine/Feminine (. - orange) names
The list is in Sanskrit alphabetical order (see the alphabet here). Abbreviations m. and f. = masculine and feminine. Red transliteration (in brackets) follows the ITRANS encoding scheme, see here. You can use Itranslator 99 along with your chosen name in ITRANS to get "marvelous results". See how here.

 Names beginning with "TA" and "THA" (1)

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  1. Takṣa (takSa) (तक्ष) m., Takṣā (takSA) (तक्षा) f.: One who cuts through.
  2. Takṣaka (takSaka) (तक्षक) m.: One who cuts, a carpenter.
  3. Taṭinīpati (taTinIpati) (तटिनीपति) m.: One who is a lord of rivers - Epithet for the ocean.
  4. Tatkartā (tatkartA) (तत्कर्ता) m.: One who is the Creator of that (i.e. the entire universe) - Epithet for the Absolute.
  5. Tattvadarśa (tattvadarsha) (तत्त्वदर्श) m.: One who sees or perceives the Truth.
  6. Tattvadarśī (tattvadarshI) (तत्त्वदर्शी) m., Tattvadarśinī (tattvadarshinI) (तत्त्वदर्शिनी) f.: One who sees or perceives the Truth.
  7. Tanu (tanu) (तनु) m., Tanvī (tanvI) (तन्वी) f.: An emaciated man (Tanu), a delicate woman (Tanvī). [tanu - tanvI]
  8. Tanūnapāt (tanUnapAt) (तनूनपात्) m.: One who is son of himself - Epithet for the fire.
  9. Tantipāla (tantipAla) (तन्तिपाल) m.: One who is a guardian (of calves kept together or fastened) by a cord.
  10. Tantumān (tantumAn) (तन्तुमान्) m., Tantumatī (tantumatI) (तन्तुमती) f.: Uninterrupted like a thread - Epithet for a kind of fire (Tantumān), oblation offered to that kind of fire (Tantumatī). [tantumAn - tantumatI]
  11. Tantuvardhana (tantuvardhana) (तन्तुवर्धन) m.: One who increases the race - Epithet for Viṣṇu. [viSNu]
  12. Tantrāyī (tantrAyI) (तन्त्रायी) m., Tantrāyinī (tantrAyinI) (तन्त्रायिनी) f.: One who draws out threads of light - Epithet for the sun (Tantrāyī). [tantrAyI]
  13. Tanvī (tanvI) (तन्वी) m.: One who has a body.
  14. Tapaḥsuta (tapaHsuta) (तपःसुत) m.: One who is son of austerity - Epithet for Yudhiṣṭhira, the elder brother among the five Pāṇḍava-s. [yudhiSThira - pANDava]
  15. Tapatāmpati (tapatAmpati) (तपताम्पति) m.: One who is the chief or lord of burners - Epithet for the sun.
  16. Tapana (tapana) (तपन) m.: One who burns or shines - Epithet for the sun.
  17. Tapanatanaya (tapanatanaya) (तपनतनय) m.: One who is son of the sun - Epithet for the hero Karṇa, whose father was the god Sun by Kuntī. Kuntī was also mother of three of the five celebrated Pāṇḍava-s (the main heroes of the epic known as Mahābhārata). [karNa - kuntI - pANDava - mahAbhArata]
  18. Tapanasutā (tapanasutA) (तपनसुता) f.: Daughter of the sun - Epithet for the river Yamunā. [yamunA]
  19. Tapastakṣa (tapastakSa) (तपस्तक्ष) m.: One who destroys the power of austerities - Epithet for Indra. [indra]
  20. Tapurmūrdhā (tapurmUrdhA) (तपुर्मूर्धा) m., Tapurmūrdhā (tapurmUrdhA) (तपुर्मूर्धा) f.: One who has a burning head.

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