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More information on Sanskrit Names

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You can see in the chart of the Index of Sanskrit Names the initial letters of the compiled Sanskrit names. A yellow background in a cell indicates that there are names beginning with that letter available. Thus, you will not have to check all letters to verify in which there are names available. Click on the "transliteration" of the letter and not on the original Sanskrit character in Devanāgarī script. You will notice that a hand along with an underline appear when you are properly positioned on the link... if your browser supports CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), of course.

The list includes names of saints, writers, deities and so on. All words being included constitute real names, but many times I do not explain to whom they belong (a saint, deity, writer, etc.). Sometimes, when relevant, I explain the story of a particular name though. The index of names follows the Sanskrit alphabetical order, as you can see. If you do not know the Sanskrit alphabet, see here. Since no Sanskrit names begins with the two vowels "ṝ" and "ḷ", these vowels have not been included here. In turn, Anusvāra (ṁ) and Visarga (ḥ) vowels cannot appear at the beginning of a word, and consequently they are not shown here. Again, guttural "ṅ" and palatal "ñ" does not appear in the above list either (their places being occupied by n/a), as there are no Sanskrit names beginning with those consonants. Some consonants, such as palatal "jh", do contain names, but they are very scanty. Therefore, I have added the names whose initial letter is "jh" to the section of names beginning with "j". The same thing is true as far as words whose initial letter is "kh", "gh", "ch", "th", "ph" and "ṣ" are concerned. That is why, all names with "kh", "gh", "ch", "th", "ph" and "ṣ" as their first letter appear under those whose initial letter is "k", "g", "c", "t", "p" and "ś", respectively.

Unlike the aforesaid letters, some letters (e.g. "a" vowel) contain an immense amount of names. Thus, there will several pages related to names beginning with "a" and so forth. In this case, do not worry, because useful links have been placed on each of those pages for the sake of easy navigation. Besides, on every page including words, there is a very convenient "Return" in order to get back to the present page ("Index of Sanskrit names"). Navigation has never been easier... oh, this is a well-known slogan, sorry.

The list is in constant update, as the amount of names is... huge. I am speaking about hundreds of names, no kidding. Every time a update is announced, that means more words being added to the published lists or new letters becoming available with brand-new names, which you will realize because new cells will have a yellow background.

It is that simple! Enjoy!


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