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What is this?
A simple exercise of Vowel Sandhi or combination of Sanskrit vowels. On the left of the table, you have the first vowel, and on top, you have the second one. In the intersection you are to enter the resulting combination, and then press the Enter key or click on the "submit" button. If you succeeded (i.e. if your reply is right), what you typed in will remain in the cell, but if you did not, you will get a blank cell again. Study more and try again then.
What do I need to be successful?
To study more about Vowel Sandhi [consult Combination (1) and Combination (2) (i.e. only Primary Rules of Vowel Sandhi) in the Combination subsection within the Sanskrit section in the main menu, or else in the Sitemap, in case you have problems with it].
What more do I need?
Study and have at hand these pages (print them out if you can):
1) Rules of Sandhi;
2) Transliterating (2) (English) - Comparing transliteration systems. Why? Because the above table uses Harvard-Kyoto (HK) and the Rules of Sandhi (and in fact, our entire website) uses IAST. You have to know at least how to write the vowels in these two transliteration system (HK and IAST) to be successful with the exercise. Of course, you will enter the resulting combinations in HK in the above table, but as our site uses IAST, hence you need to study IAST too;
3) Good luck, hehe... no I am kidding.
What if a particular Sandhi rule includes several options?
In some cases (e.g. e + A = a A or else ayA), you can enter any of them and you will be successful. But, if in other combinations you receive a blank cell despite you used one of the options rightly, just enter another possible resulting combination till you succeed (i.e. no blank cell anymore), got it?
Something else?
Nothing else for now. If there is any update, you will notice that the date (at the bottom) changed. And of course, any doubt or problem you may have, feel free to contact us: This is our e-mail address.
Who developed the script running "in the backstage"?
Nando Penteado, a friend from Brazil.

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