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What does the rating mean?

- Welcome visitor! -

What do those stars mean?
They mean the following:
little starlittle starlittle starlittle starlittle star The best!!!
little starlittle starlittle starlittle starhalf little star Superb
little starlittle starlittle starlittle star Very good
little starlittle starlittle starhalf little starGood
little starlittle starlittle star Acceptable
little starlittle starhalf little starFair
little starlittle star Poor
little starhalf little starBad
little star Forget it
half little starOh my God!
Who puts the stars?
Gabriel Pradīpaka. Be sure he takes the task of rating websites very seriously.
Can visitors vote too?
No, they cannot.
What are the parameters used by Gabriel Pradīpaka?
Gabriel Pradīpaka keeps in mind two main parameters when he rates a website: 1) Contents -as you know, "content" is king always-, 2) Design -good design is not necessarily a "pretty" design, but one which make surfing a site as easy and comfortable as possible... if in order to reach a particular content, a user has to think and work too much, the design is not a good one... OK, if the site also looks pretty, much better!-. There are also some other minor parameters such as load-time, accessibility, etc.
Will Gabriel Pradīpaka be re-rating a site if it was changed?
If he realizes that a site has changed "remarkably", of course he will. Anyway, if you are the owner of such a site and wanted it to be re-rated by Gabriel Pradīpaka, just tell him and pray, hehe. Obviously, if the changes are not remarkable, do not bother him, please. If you ask him to re-rate your site, specify the name of the site, url and its location in the DFSL, i.e. category/subcategory.
What are you doing this for?
We are building a Sanskrit site in order to spread Sanskrit knowledge for the benefit of all people. And a good way to spread Sanskrit knowledge is promoting other sites doing the same thing. Some sites need to make some money so that they may pay the hosting expenses and the like. We perfectly understand that. If these sites provide with enough good free stuff, they will surely be included in the DFSL. However, websites dedicated exclusively to make money with Sanskrit courses, Yoga courses and so on will not be included in the DFSL. We are not interested in mere business. We look to develop consciousness of our visitors and not to take their money. Someone who is devoted exclusively to make money with such a sacred language as Sanskrit and its respective universe, is not properly conscious according to our point of view, and therefore he cannot develop consciousness in others. Business is business and spirituality is spirituality. They cannot be mixed with each other.
Can Gabriel Pradīpaka be paid to get a better rating?
No. The amount of stars a particular website receives hints at how useful it may be for a visitor according to Gabriel Pradīpaka's viewpoint. You may or not agree with him as far as a particular rating is concerned, but rest assured that Gabriel Pradīpaka is not trying to benefit or damage anyone purposely. His only goal is to spread Sanskrit knowledge as much as possible. If your site has gotten a low rating, you can ask him about that if you wish, but do not start a debate. Again, you can decide to improve greatly your site and ask him to re-rate it, as it has been indicated previously, but do not begin arguing with him if you dislike the new rating, please, hehe.
Final words
May all our efforts to release the DFSL, update it and now rate the sites, be for the benefit of all visitors. Well, enjoy the DFSL!