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 Is spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit hidden?

A myth maybe?

Published: August 21st, 2005

Author: Gabriel Pradīpaka

Spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit is certainly hidden but not in the way most people think:

  1. Some believe that it is only kept by a handful of liberated souls living in a remote region.
  2. Others suppose that it is only the possession of a few initiated adepts or something.
  3. Even other people opine that the complexity and intricacy of the Sanskrit grammar prevent most people from grasping the innermost meanings.

Well, this is just imagination, and I can prove it:

  1. Spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit cannot be only kept by a handful of liberated souls living in a remote region, for several reasons:
    a) If people cannot obtain it because of its remoteness, what is the use of spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit then?
    b) Spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit is not the possession of any individual, even if he is an emancipated soul. The Supreme Self is the owner of it.
  2. As I said above, no individual can possess spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit. In fact, no individual is able to possess spiritual knowledge as a whole, whether or not in Sanskrit. No doubt that a person who is initiated by a true guru understands some things in a better way than ordinary people, but he is not the possessor of that knowledge but the one who is using it. Got it?
  3. Undoubtedly that Sanskrit grammar may turn out to be a barrier for the translators. Still, there are plenty of Sanskrit scriptures which have been properly translated into vernacular languages such as English, Spanish, German, etc. Everyone has enough stuff to enjoy and use thanks to the hard work of those Sanskrit translators. Therefore, this is no problem at all.

So, why did I say that spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit is hidden though? Hmmm… to explain this I will use an example:

Suppose you want to use a special software "exclusively" designed for PC’s on a different platform (e.g. a Macintosh). Now imagine that you cannot use any emulator or something to get it work on a Mac. Your only alternative is PC or die, hehe. Well, consequently you will have to get a PC first or you will not be able to enjoy that software. Yes, maybe there are emulators for running all kinds of PC software on a Mac now, who knows?… but forget this and try to grasp the core of what I said. Likewise, spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit, and I would dare say… all spiritual knowledge in any language… is hidden due to its nature itself and not because someone is hiding it and so on.

You can have the very four Veda-s completely translated word for word, fully commented with multiple examples by the greatest learned men in the world, and published for free on a website in as many languages as possible. However, you will note that the vast majority of people will not "see" them despite they were right in front. It is not their time to see them, let alone enjoy and use them in a proper way in order to attain Final Liberation. Got my point? Even those who can "see" them will do so to the point established by their own spiritual development and limitations.

Therefore, spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit does not need to hide itself, as it is "naturally" hidden and revealed at the same time. The key to enjoy and use it is just in the "eyes" of the one looking for it.

Of course, from a purely non-dualistic viewpoint, there cannot be any question about spiritual knowledge in Sanskrit being hidden and/or revealed, because it is irrelevant in a context of complete unity with the Supreme Spirit. Thus, what I expressed before was dualistically-oriented, obviously.

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